New Blog!

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It seems that my website www.worldofjamesalexander.com was simply becoming a monthly (or near monthly as I rarely made changes on the 1st of the month) blog without the archiving, etc.  I didn’t really think about that until my dad mentioned something about my “blog” and I quickly put together that he was referring to my site.   Since I don’t wished to be locked into a one month timeframe every time, particularly when the beginning of the month typically has my attention on life and not art, I chose to activate a blog that I will hopefully be able to update more frequently.  I will also try to expand topics from simply how my book is doing and what is on the (very distant) horizon.

I hope you enjoy what I write here and I will try my best to stay out of trouble… no soap-box elevated soliloquy about how much I hate this, that and the other thing.  More simply a means of keeping my friends and family and hopefully fans of my work posted on what is happening in my world.  While Facebook is probably more suited, this at least gives me more of a me-oriented place to stand and deliver versus a mish mosh of short clippings about where I’m dining and what I think of any given topic at the time I fancy to share it with the world.

So hopefully there will be folks checking in to see what goes down here…

Take care,